what type of exercise offers the most benefits?

What type of exercise should be recommended for fibromyalgia sufferers who account for two to four percent of the world’s population? Generally treated at pain centres where the condition is diagnosed, these patients, who are mainly women, are encouraged to exercise regularly to alleviate widespread pain and anxiety and to boost their general health.

Driving Standard

I have had fibromyalgia since 2011. I have always driven automatic cars but I have always wanted to go back to driving standard. It's been 3 days of driving and I feel like I was jumped.. The pain is all over but mostly painful in my back on the right side. It hurts to take a deep breath. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to help ease my pain?

I think I found the cause!

Hi, so I was convinced I had leaky gut syndrome for the past month or so, probably due to celiac disease. It doesn't look like I have celiac, so I thought next that this has to be leaky gut. Now I got a book from the library about fibromyalgia, and I am watching a YouTube video on it and OMG!!! I'm pretty convinced I have found a cause. The last doctor I saw thought it could be dysautonomia, which would explain a lot, as well. It seems like everything goes hand in hand (neuropathy, vitamin deficiencies, stress triggers, fibromyalgia, food intolerances, etc. etc.).

Ankle pain

For a few years now I've had problems with my ankles being fine one day then unable to walk on them the next. ...The pain normally starts around the ankle area then works towards the toes top and bottom and can last from 3 day so to 2 weeks, sometimes I can hobble through this and others I need crutches just to get to the bathroom. It can also stop in one foot and start in the other overnight, Doctors don't seem to have any ideas as X rays and other tests show all is fine....can anyone else relate to this and possibly offer a name for it and any possible treatments please. Regards Richard

Ankle pain

Hi all, had fibro for several years now with new problems each year but two years ago my left ankle just went! It felt broken, I had xrays that showed nothing they suggested I must have done something to it....Two weeks later it swapped to my right foot proving to me that this was a fibro thing and not something I had done. This has happened many times since then and doctors don't seem to have any ideas.

Pins and needles

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I was diagnosed with Fibro 11 years ago, but I have started experiencing pins and needles all over my body in the last two weeks and I’m worried sick! The more I worry, the worse it becomes. These symptoms are completely new to me and I’m wondering if anyone else gets this. I had a brain MRI today and had a whole lot of blood tests done, so I’m still waiting for results. I’m anxious!


What treatments work best for you? Both my daughter and I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

What treatments worked best for you?

I was diagnosed with Fibro back in 2009 and my daughter was just diagnosed in February 2018. I would really love to know what type of treatments work best for fibromyalgia. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Help - admin

I've tried to send a message re a medical practitioner. He's listed on the site, but hasn't ever worked in Rheumatology and is in fact working in Gastroenterology. Captcha keeps telling me I can't send the message. I'm not sure how to contact you re having his name removed from the list. It's Dr Rina Alam. Listed as a Dr for Canberra, ACT, Australia. Maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. LOL


I am not really sure how this works. I am sure this odd to most people but when it comes to computer things i am a complete novice. this is the first time ive ever written a blog about anything. also bare with me because i am writing this on my laptop and keep forgetting it doesn't autocorrect everything as you go so please excuse the errors. i don't really have the energy to fix right now either. i am in the middle of a really bad fibro flare up and i cant find the right words to describe the pain and everything else going on right now. i can barely hold my focus long enough to write this.