After running a bunch of test my doctor believe that fibromyalgia might be the cause of my constant aches and pains, especially when I over did it. I really don't feel that bad until I overexert myself and an Advil every morning is taking care of the problem at least until it wears off so I have my doubts. Looking for others with myalgia to comment. Thanks, Tim

Osteo/herniated lower back discs and fibro

There must be a better way to manage the pain I have been living with. I have to drive so I cannot Take medication that inhibits driving and I can't sleep Well at all. I was to join a chronic pain group but it was Cancelled due to lack of participants. They are set to offer again the Fall. I have tried meditation but it doesn't help the pain-Lol Right now I sleep in the recliner chair as sleeping prone or on my side hurts too much and I don't want to keep my husband awake all night. I use Vimovo when I'm not going to be driving -it's the only medication that remotely helps.

Chronic pain and no doctor will treat me in the state of nc

I've been diagnosed with FM and chronic fatigue and through out the years I've developed deep depression , anxiety and I've become anti social. This pain is no joke I have 3 children. I want to gain my life back this constant pain and no energy is terrible not to mention the muscle spasms , lack of sleep and muscle stiffness in losing my sanity. Any advice please help me... thanks

In a bad place

I have had chronic pain since 12/2014 and received several diagnoses along the way all following what I believe is a botched gallbladder removal. That's now besides the point, because it is what it is at this point. There's no point dwelling on that right now as I have many more things to deal with these days. My final diagnoses seem to be intercostal neuralgia on the right side of my body (where my gallbladder was removed), fibromyalgia, IBS, acid reflux, and major depressive disorder.

Hello New Member hope to have tips of how to deal with the pain

Hi, new here and hope this forum will bring enligthment to how to deal, accept and relieve it somewhat. And also deal with some anger that our life is not the same. I am fortunate to be on disability as the stress of working ended up bringing me postraumatic stress, trauma that I would relive concerning sexual aggressions from my own father and 3 other men. The one I have had so much hard time with, is my father's betrayal. I never felt secure as a child in my own room.

Please read my story

A little back history.... Horrible pain!!!!!! Tired, achy, stabbing pain. Fighting with family because of it. No support. Felt utterly hopeless. Single mother. I could not accept this as my life. I'm 34 years old.

Need help

I am a bit lost and feel totally lazy and guilty right now. I would like some advice if possible. I am a male in my mid 30s and i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 9 years ago, and addison disease about 7 years ago. I did well for the first 3 years with addison. I was working full time and doing a lot of activities. 4 years ago I got sick and I never really recovered. I'm in a lot of pain and fatigue most of the time. Leg pain, lower back pain, eye pain, neck pain, headache, sore throat, numbness in my hands and more.

Try to keep the illness in perspective with all of your blessings

I am 56 years old, a father of two and still trying only because of the love and support of an incredible lady. I have lived a life doing all of the things that I have loved. I have hunted, fished, hiked and heard the wind through the pine needles of high country pines. I have lived and loved my two strong sons and now 12 wonderful grandkids. I have truly been blessed. For several years, my dr. Was able to relieve my pain to a tolerable level but no more. I have reached the limit of what my dr. feels comfortable prescribing. He said that he was sorry but so am I.

Do your very best to keep this condition in perspective.

Hi all, my name is Tom and I have been blessed with this condition for about 15 years now. I have never asked for nor accepted any sympathy due to my condition. I have always tried to always keep my many, many good fortunes squarely in mind. I am now 57 wonderful years old. My condition began much as all of yours did, bo:y aches that never went away, steadily increasing tremors, migraine headaches. For the first 15-20 years of our married life, my sweet wife simply nor could I understand why I was so ve4y sensitive to bright lights and loud noises.

How my fybro was cured after 16 years

I am a 72 yr old male. I contracted fibro following a rear end auto accident in 2001. My chronic pain was so severe I had to give up my law practice at the peak of my career and earning power. I was devastated. I tried everything: In-patient treatment. Every drug there is, including opiates. Many alternative thearpies and many physicians. I could never do anything but dull the pain and everything I tried was a temporary fix. The condition ruined my life. On New Year's Day 2016, I couldn't move without excruciating pain. My wife called an ambulance to transport me to Vanderbilt Hospital.