what are the strategies that work for you,to getting a good night's sleep?

I have wondered what works for others.Good sleep is a struggle for me.I will feel weak and lousy if I wake up during the night,because falling back to sleep is generally impossible.What I do is stay on my back,so as not to put pressure on my bladder and wake up.I make sure to turn off the smart phone.There is nothing worse than being woken up by an email notification at 4:00 am.I take a minimal dosage of 12mgs of amytryptiline.I used to take 75 mgs.,and feel like a zombie in the mornings.Getting to bed early helps quality of sleep,but I am working on making it a habit since I have always staye


Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in March 2017.

Painful knots in arms

HI I'm new here. 1st I wanna say I have no diagnosis as of yet. However I have had widespread pain throughout my body for YEARS. I've suspected fibro for quite some time but too nervous to see if that's the case. One of the most bothersome symptoms I have are painful round knots in my upper arms. Both sides have about 3 to 4 knots each. The pain is so bad I can't sleep at night. If I lay on one side, it hurts and I have to turn over to the other side until it hurts too. If I lay on my back, my hands go numb. I often notice numbness in my fingers or toes throughout the day.

Missing working out

I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but ive been suffering from it since i was a kid. I used to dance until the pain got to bad and then when the flare up went away i started running and weight lifting which was okay for a little but then my flare up came back and i can no longer workout. I have not been able to do anything active in about 4 years. I miss being able to go on hikes and be active. I still always had pain during those activities only now i go on a walk and im exhausted and everything hurts to the point to where i cannot do it often.

Iud and fibro

Over the years I've have inflammation in my foot and hips and we never looked into it as a big picture. After getting a IUD in January, I've have major inflammation in my back and ribs making it had to breathe ( costocrondritis) as well as my neck muscles are strained, my hips swelled twice as bad as they ever have. My index finger joint has been swollen for 7 months and has caused damage to the joint and my legs above the knee are now inflamed as well. We have decided with my specialist it is fibromyalgia but he hasn't officially diagnosed my yet as we are also looking at lupus.

So Fed up

I cant stop crying, I feel useless, guilty, I've not gone in work today and am afraid I'm going to get sacked. I'm so sick of this pain I don't know what else to do!

IUD and Fibromyalgia

I have an IUD. I cannot find the discussion about those. Can someone help? My symptoms started a few months after insertion.


After running a bunch of test my doctor believe that fibromyalgia might be the cause of my constant aches and pains, especially when I over did it. I really don't feel that bad until I overexert myself and an Advil every morning is taking care of the problem at least until it wears off so I have my doubts. Looking for others with myalgia to comment. Thanks, Tim

Osteo/herniated lower back discs and fibro

There must be a better way to manage the pain I have been living with. I have to drive so I cannot Take medication that inhibits driving and I can't sleep Well at all. I was to join a chronic pain group but it was Cancelled due to lack of participants. They are set to offer again the Fall. I have tried meditation but it doesn't help the pain-Lol Right now I sleep in the recliner chair as sleeping prone or on my side hurts too much and I don't want to keep my husband awake all night. I use Vimovo when I'm not going to be driving -it's the only medication that remotely helps.

Chronic pain and no doctor will treat me in the state of nc

I've been diagnosed with FM and chronic fatigue and through out the years I've developed deep depression , anxiety and I've become anti social. This pain is no joke I have 3 children. I want to gain my life back this constant pain and no energy is terrible not to mention the muscle spasms , lack of sleep and muscle stiffness in losing my sanity. Any advice please help me... thanks