I need help/support

Hi everyone I am new and am looking for help. To put it bluntly I am not coping and am pretty much drowning in my symptoms. I guess you could say I feel like a crazy person I have this travelling circus of pain in my body and can't even remember the last time I wasn't exhausted. I almost fell asleep driving home from work today. My doctor although trying to be helpful is actually useless he is looking in to fibromyalgia and endometriosis (as I have some gynecological issues aswell) and also MS at my request (my sister has progressive MS).

which doctor do i go to, please help

I have been fighting fibro for twelve years now, i take gabapentin 800 mg 2 times a day tramadol 50 mg two times a day. And extra strenght tylenol all inbetween. Im a in mind numbing pain and the doctors do not want to give me even a little stronger tramadol or something they just ignore me and now my colon has started to attach me i have to be wary of everything i eat glutens, soys, wheat, grains, corns, cornsyrup in what im drinking, no fried food no potatoes, if i eat the wrong thing, i feel the fever coming on. Rhuema. Dr or reg.phys

Wanted to say Hello:)

Hello all. I'm new here on the forum. I've had this terrible Fibro since 2013. Hoping to get more information from you all on ways to find pain relief that you all have tried.

Im new to this

Hi i am a 25y/o woman and have a family history of fm.... I am wondering if this is something that is hereditary as i myself for the past year have been experiencing symptoms that are not normal... I have constant pain at the base of my skull that makes it difficult to do anything...also a burning pain that is normally in my left shoulder blade and sometimes it feels like an electric shock that goes through my whole body... Theres a million other places on my body that constantly hurt... I would like any kind of advice at this point and its really hard to get my gp to listen... Please help


Hi, wondering if anybody is taking Gabapentin for Fibromayalgia and what side effects you may have.. I'm really struggling with a side effect which feels like electric shocks all over my body and feeling faint.. has anybody else had this?

Dragongirls fibroblog

We start today on day 3 of this miserable ride of the latest bout of a fibromyalgia flare. The last 3 days have been hellish. I wake in a morning after a night of pain and very little sleep to being unable to move. The day starts with trying to edge may way out of bed.The pain in my left leg is just too much. I have to push myself up with my right leg, its still painful but not as bad as the left. I currently have chest pain and pain between my ribs, which feels like someone has been continuously kicking me all night. Holding my lip and trying not to scream slowly lift me left leg.

Pins and needles

We all know that Fibro has many weird symptoms and associated conditions, that some may experience, besides the widespread pain. I was just wondering if anyone else sometime experience pins and needles when showering. I experience it sometimes but not all the time. How about random pain like you have cut yourself in an area but nothing happened to explain it?