Please read my story

A little back history.... Horrible pain!!!!!! Tired, achy, stabbing pain. Fighting with family because of it. No support. Felt utterly hopeless. Single mother. I could not accept this as my life. I'm 34 years old. How I am getting better. I had my poop tested with a Dr. D'Angelo in Colorado. He confirmed I have a parasite infection and Candida. Seeing an herbalist was costing me a ton of money. I started eating super healthy and went and got colon therapy which is a professional colonic. Before I even had gotten the confirmation from Dr D'Angelo. My colon therapy Angel listened to all my symptoms. She did my first colonic. What do you know I have worms(parasites) in my poop. She put me on Humaworm. It's been 4 weeks and I feel like a new person already. I will have to switch up to a different tincture because you can't take Humaworm two months in a row. These parasites are smart. Don't tell a western Dr. you have parasites they won't believe you. They can be somewhat robotic in treating patients. It's all they know. I'm just so grateful I found out what is actually wrong. My colon therapy nurse explained to me 80% of people have parasites but not all are effected all these fibromyalgia symptoms can be cured through diet and fixing your gut. Probiotics, greens and getting these joint dwellers out of systems. Not all will agree. Wishing you all the best. Fibromyalgia is a label that the medical field uses because if we get cured by food and herbs then they don't make money drugging us with so called fibromyalgia medicine. I get nothing out of writing this. I really just want people to feel better. I could cry I just feel so different. God bless.

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