Fibro and pressure connection

Good morning, This is my first post and am a newbie in the forum. My mom has been suffering with fibro for at least 10 years and the only remedy the doctors have offered up are heavy duty pain relievers. I’m not going to question the medication approach because it is effective for her except in the mornings when she wakes up and has no meds in her system. I’ve noticed a pattern between my mom and her mom that I would like to ask you about. My grandma had a problem with her feet where she was in pain EXCEPT when she put pressure on her foot pads. Pressure seemed to be a remedy of sorts. My mom has something similar. If she sleeps in her recliner, she wakes up pain free. Sleeping in bed - where she may sleep on her side - almost always results in pain the next morning. It seems as long as she keeps pressure on her trigger points the pain is minimized. Is this typical? What is it about fibro that I’m not understanding. It seems counterintuitive that pressure can be a remedy. My thanks

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