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We start today on day 3 of this miserable ride of the latest bout of a fibromyalgia flare. The last 3 days have been hellish. I wake in a morning after a night of pain and very little sleep to being unable to move. The day starts with trying to edge may way out of bed.The pain in my left leg is just too much. I have to push myself up with my right leg, its still painful but not as bad as the left. I currently have chest pain and pain between my ribs, which feels like someone has been continuously kicking me all night. Holding my lip and trying not to scream slowly lift me left leg. The pain brings tears to my eyes. My partner being one of those of well take some paracetamol you will be ok types. Just moans and rolls over and goes back to sleep. It takes me then another hour and 15 mins to get up get on my feet and hobble to the bathroom. Once I reach the bathroom which is all of 3 meters away I am so exhausted I feel like I have just done the London marathon. The whole morning routine that would take a normal person all of about 20 mins max take me 3 hours. At the end of I am so shattered I go back to bed. This continues for days never getting anywhere but to the bathroom and back. Well you look ok to me says my partner. I know different, its not him with the pain in his joints, ribs and neck. The constant headaches and trips to the toilet. The constant sleeping and waking feeling like he's never been to sleep in the first place. Followed by the days of who are you again and where did I leave my purse and why are the cornflakes in the fridge? You have to have this and go through this to completely understand. Only god know what my spelling would be like if it wasn't for spell checker as my writing during this flare is terrible. I can hard string two words together. Cannot stand the noise THINGS ARE TOO LOUD, cannot stand the light things are too bright and cannot stand the smell too strong and all the other things that are wrong. This then followed by night s of hot and cold,iching and many painful trips to the toilet. All the time slipping away while you deal with this never ending barrage of syndrome. All day everyday until one day it stops or decides to clam down. You then are so relived it has finished, but then it starts again its like a never ending road to hell. If anyone who doesn't understand this and hasn't had to go through this hell then think again , we may look ok on the outside but inside is a completely different matter believe me.

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