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Hi, My name is Emma and I am from South Australia. I've had sever migraines for most of my life as well an stiffness in the joints. Over the years the pain has slowly increased and spread. I am now 21 almost 22 and in near constant pain. Today has been particularly bad I can barely lift my arms with out gritting my teeth. My GP suspects that I have Fibromyalgia and in May I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist. My doctor has given me a prescription of Amitriptyline which is supposed to help with depression and the pain of the Fibromyalgia I've been taking this medication for 2 weeks and so far no look. I haven't had any improvement my mood has been really low and I've been very emotional. I was just wondering if anyone else is taking this medication and how it's working for you?


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There are a couple forum threads about Amitriptyline:

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