I need help/support

Hi everyone I am new and am looking for help. To put it bluntly I am not coping and am pretty much drowning in my symptoms. I guess you could say I feel like a crazy person I have this travelling circus of pain in my body and can't even remember the last time I wasn't exhausted. I almost fell asleep driving home from work today. My doctor although trying to be helpful is actually useless he is looking in to fibromyalgia and endometriosis (as I have some gynecological issues aswell) and also MS at my request (my sister has progressive MS). I feel as though no one understands how I feel which is seriously depressing in itself. I have a fiancé who loves me to bits but he doesn't understand to him tired is feeling a tad tired after a hard days work he doesn't understand the debilitating exhaustion. The other hard part is not having a definite diagnosis just all these maybes and a doctor who's catch phrase is "it's not that I disbelieve you when you say your in pain I just can't see it cus your so mobile (I'm also hypermobile) and I'm sitting there like of course I'm more mobile than the average jo I'm HYPERMOBILE!! I need support and the people around me are trying but they simply don't understand. My sister (with MS) is great and she has been my main source of support but she has her own stuff to deal with.

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