Natural Pain Relief suggestions anyone?

I am so happy to have others to talk to about this! I have been diagnosed with Fibro but have experienced symptoms from a very young as, as young as maybe 8 years old or earlier. Now that I have a name to add to the face of the beast (maybe more of a pschyological relief than anything), I have been really trying to listen to my body to figure our my triggers, what helps with the pain, and what makes it worse. I have found that sitting or being at rest for too long can be the worst thing for me, and feel relief when I take on a light exercise such as walking when I start to feel low or my muscles/joints start to seize up or radiate pain. I also find that the majority of the time a hot Epsom salt bath can help, but not if the pain is in the joints, only the muscles. I have also found temporary topical relief through an essential oil mixture from SAJE stores called Peppermint Halo and also the pain relief one. I try to drink lots of water and eat healthy (lots of vegetables, no white grains, limited processed sugars). But sometimes nothing helps and I resort to over the counter pain killers which sometimes help and sometimes feel like a waste of time and just depress my body more. My question to anyone who might have suggestions is, in your case, whether severe pain sufferers or mild to moderate, have you found anything that doesn't have to do with drugs, but more with lifestyle or changes that has helped with pain management? Stay strong and carry on.

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