found something new wanna know if anyone has used it ..

i have fibro for a few years now and it got to the point i couldnt function at all. all i could do was sleep and hurt. I have been on all the meds and nothing helped. ive tried exercise yoga ,acupuncture therapy everything all the drs suggested nothing helped . So first i stopped all aspertame.. then i decided to try this new diet product out there (pruvit keto o/s) and also eating the keto way as they call it by doing these things my hole life has changed with in two weeks.. im not 100% or anything but i have gained so much weight in the last five years i figure it will take time.. but by doing this my sleep is now under control. my thoughts are calmer, my moods are better. the pain has lessened so much. im not trying to push the product i just wanna know if anyone else has tried it and the keto diet and if it helped them.. or was i just getting aspertame poisoning and didnt know it .. jsut look for others that have tried this .. gonna take it to my drs at next appointment to see what they say ..

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