Cymbalta. Wondering if it's working, or setting me up for memory loss

Hi , I'm new here. Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 7 years ago. Finally found what seems to be helping me survive. Since starting cymbalta I have really stayed away from visiting Dr. office. I went to at least 4 different physicians , always feeling sick of the "non" help I seemed to receive. During that time I went through numerous medications only to have no real relief of the body aches and disoriented thinking. My life felt like such a struggle and I would finally have to limit my job hours from full time to part time . 3 years ago I started Cymbalta. It seems to really be helping my ability to push through my day . I'm still working and exercising, trying to be as proactive as possible. However I'm angry and still fairly stressed. Still don't have a good Doctor , and it scares me to wake up in the morning and feel like a bus must have run me over the night before . Not to mention my mind is so unorganized. I'm useless to talk to until I take this medicine. Realizing I probably would not get out of bed if I didn't have it to save me. I'm grateful for my Partner who has been there for me. We are soon to move to another State and I've been told the health care is better. My goal is to try and find a Doctor I can trust. And try going off Cymbalta. Recently I'm forgetting so many important things. Customers names at work . Events , even where I put items . Fairly scary for my age. Hoping it's not part of the illness, but more the meds. I would appreciate any help with thoughts on Cymbalta. Thank You for listening.

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