Need advice please

I have been in a terrible flare for the last 3 weeks, daily functioning is impossible. Spoke with my doctor today who told me a flare should never last more than 3 days and I need to get active and function normally to feel better. Is this normal practice for a doctor to say this or is it time to find a new doctor? I really liked her in the beginning but now I'm not so sure. 


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The flare ups can last longer than three days; it's different for different people, but most often they don't last longer than a few hours, a day, or a few days.  For some people, a week or month isn't uncommon.

There's a current discussion going on right now about flare ups here:

Perhaps you can share with the group and get some feedback.

As for doctors; I always try to remind myself that they're just human like the rest of us and really don't know everything all the time :)  Most of us have had great difficulty finding a doctor that understands anything about Fibromyalgia so if you've found someone with a sympathetic ear you might not want to burn that bridge so to speak.  Just my two cents.

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