Tired of Being Considered Less than

It's hard enough for a Woman to make her mark in this world, much less those who "become" sick..due to NO FAULT OF OUR OWN! I was one that Clawed her way up to a pretty high top as a single mother. I was So proud to make it there..I over compensated for the rough times and spoiled my children but, who wouldn't when you knew it was your fault that you made them homeless for a while. Then, I helped the homeless and an abused teen.. ...Then, I got Sick. I lost EVERYTHING. My business, my home and after making the heart decision to spoil my children..they turned against me when I had no money. My fault for spoiling them even Innocently. I can learn that but, I can't bring my health back. Two out of three children aren't speaking to me because of mental anguish, due to The Devil = FIBROMYALGIA! I'm devastated. I'm frozen. The Brain Fog is the Haze that I fight through fault in order to Search for a better Reality. God, please Help Us.

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