Fibromyalgia has me feeling abandoned by doctors

Im new to this group. Im thankful for this group but I still feel alone. I have been going through hell with my health the past 4 or 5 years now. But just recently my rheumatologist told me...all I can tell you is what you dont have and that is inflammation. Because the emerge doctor gave me lyrica (thank god for that drug) and it actually works for my pain they now say fibromyalgia. Lwt me tell you I'm ok with it. Looking at blog's and forum's i see that I have had this for many years. I have ridges in my nails. I asked 3 doctors one of which is a rheumatologist and they had no idea what it was. Then my husband looked up ridges and fibromyalgia and there they were...a group of suffering people who all have ridges just like me. The rheumatologist has now passed me on to my family doctor whom I dont want to see after she lost it on me because i went to emerge asking for a second opinion. She got in trouble then took it out on me. Did I mention after being a patient for almost a year this was the first time I met her? Ya now i feel alone and in constant pain. I cry all the time because of it.

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