Hello New Member hope to have tips of how to deal with the pain

Hi, new here and hope this forum will bring enligthment to how to deal, accept and relieve it somewhat. And also deal with some anger that our life is not the same. I am fortunate to be on disability as the stress of working ended up bringing me postraumatic stress, trauma that I would relive concerning sexual aggressions from my own father and 3 other men. The one I have had so much hard time with, is my father's betrayal. I never felt secure as a child in my own room. I have been diagnosed with fibro at 27 years old and I am now 54 years old. For a few years I could barely walk, had to take the handicap bus to go to my doctor's appointments. Back then I worked on a contractual basis and I just stopped accepting contracts. Of course I had a partner that brought a good amount of income. But he never did understand my crying, anger and pain and he ended up leaving me. For awhile I went on a strict detox herbal program and all of a sudden the pain slowly went away. My doctor called it a miracal and told me I was on remission. I have had some flare ups throughout all the years but again 2 months ago it came back in full force. Again, I need quietness, meditation, some light streching exercises. Cannot for the life of me go walking at times as the pain is worse the next morning. I understand your pain and all the anger that comes with people not believe you. I wish you all the best and continue fighting for your doctor or try another one that understands and accepts fibromyalgia. Sylvie xox

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