How my fybro was cured after 16 years

I am a 72 yr old male. I contracted fibro following a rear end auto accident in 2001. My chronic pain was so severe I had to give up my law practice at the peak of my career and earning power. I was devastated. I tried everything: In-patient treatment. Every drug there is, including opiates. Many alternative thearpies and many physicians. I could never do anything but dull the pain and everything I tried was a temporary fix. The condition ruined my life. On New Year's Day 2016, I couldn't move without excruciating pain. My wife called an ambulance to transport me to Vanderbilt Hospital. As it turned out I had a completely unrelated stapf infection in my spine. I was put into intensive care where I remained for nearly three weeks as the infection became septic. I was fighting to live. The physicians and nurses were ultimately able to restore my systems including my kidneys which had ceased to function. As you might imagine I was put on a regamine of antibiotic infusions. I was sent from the hospital to two additional months of in-patient rehab where I was administered five hours of infusions of antibiotics/day. The antibiotic was vancomycin. Three months after I was released from rehab I was completely pain free. My spinal pain was over and my chronic pain was gone. Completely gone. It's been nearly a year now and I have no pain and take no medicine. All the credit is to God for the miracle and to the healers at Vanderbilt Hospital.

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