Barely able to move

I'm 20 years old and have had fibromyalgia since I was around 13, and possibly sooner. Something I've noticed is that my body gets very fatigued easily, obviously because of the fibro. For example if I have a busy day, I'll come home, and once I sit or lie down the pain takes over and I'm barely able to move, I usually try to get chores done as fast as I can with out sitting down, then get ready for bed before getting in bed or else I will barely be able to move. I feel beyond drained and I dread moving any part of my body. I feel so sore, exhausted and it seems to take everything I have to get out of bed before a certain point, when I start to feel "okay". Sometimes I have to move my own legs off the bed with my hands. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone had experienced this? I suspect that I may have chronic fatigue as well. I know your not supposed to look things up online (but we all do it lol) and i took a quiz with around 100 questions and I had a crazy amount of the symptoms. Does anyone know how I can deal with this? I'm having a tough time with doctors right now, so preferably something I can do at home. Due to problems plumbing problems I'm unable to have a bath right now, which is usually my go to! Thanks guys!

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