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Hello !

I am 40 years old woman from North Europe and I have no diagnosed fibromyalgia. Yet.

About 5 years ago I was helthy woman with big(?) family, good job, lot of dance hobbies, dog... Busy life, but I loved it. I never saw the doctors, no need for that.

First came stress, headache, flu.. and another flu and... etc.
Then so terrible fatique that I finally quit my job.
I had to slow down and prioritisize. I left job and hobbies and kept the family.
Now I have a new "easier" job, but I was unemployed almost a year.

During that time I had cognitive problems and so much pain in the legs that I couldn't walk easily for a while.
I went to see the doctor because of fatique. I was thinking that maybe I have depression or some fysical illness. No other findings than anemia and reflux decease.
Because the fatique was like "waves", pain in the legs and lower back was still there and I thought that anemia is the symptom not an illness - I went again to the doctor. and again, and again.

In last spring I got IBS diagnosis. FODMAP/low-carb diet has helped my life a lot.
But there is still pains in my legs and sore points in pelvis and lower back. Cognitive problems hasn't also gone.

In my country, Fibromyalgia, CFS etc are quite "new" things. There is only few good doctors and difficulties to find them / having an appointment.
For IBS the treatment is mainly the list of fodmap foods and "take care".
So IBS patients are often on their own. And same situation with fibromyalgia. Not known as well as should been by Basic doctors.

I have read lot about the fibromyalgia. I am pretty sure that this option should be taken noticed. MS, Lyme desease etc has been blocked out. But none of doctors hasn't mentioned this option to me when telling symptoms.
No I got the referral to psychologist.... and her comments told me that she/doctor thinks that I just have "somatization". great.

So, maybe I just to "not go to the doctor" anymore and try to find solution with diet/exercise combination by myself.

*Waiting impatiently how much and good tips I found from the forum*
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