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Hello Lori, welcome to the site

It does sound as if you're in a bit of a panic. I guess I should ask you a few questions and maybe all of us on here can help you a little better.
What part of the frontal lobe is your meningeal tumor located (motor or sensory)? Do you know how big it is and where in the meninges it is located and if it is pressing into your cerebral cortex?
Do you have myoclonus or clonus? Sometimes people get these confused.
Do your symptoms come and go like they can with MS?
What kind of sensory symptoms do you have?
You say you have weakness on the right side of your body: the entire right side of your body? How did you notice it? Is this feeling like 20 questions yet?
What part of your leg is decreasing in size and how quickly is it happening? How long after you felt weakness did you start to notice atrophy?
Has there been any mention from your neuro of doing an EMG?
I think I'll stop there. That should give you carpal tunnel after you get done answering all those questions.
I know it's difficult to remain calm when you think you have something like ALS, but please don't jump to any conclusions. Believe me, self-diagnosing almost always takes you to a very dark place. Let your neuro (who you said is one of the best) guide you.

Take care.