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Thanks rose..

Not really panicking quite yet wright, just exploring possibilities and hoping for the best.

Tumour is located in right middle frontal gyrus (which is being slightly impressed by the lesion which is 1.2 x 1.4 cm in size).

Not sure about the clonus thing...Neuro just said something about it. I am thinking myoclonus as it is sudden and not sustained.

Symptoms have bee failry steady for the past periods of "better" that I can pinpoint

Sensory symptoms...I often have what I call "attack itches", only isn't really itchy. Feels like a sudden itch which will make the affected area jump or twitch. I also have these "jerks" in reaction to various stimuli, including aural and tactile.

Right sided weakness has been very slow and still is not hampering me much. I have just noticed a changed gait (slower and stilt-like, almost feels like my right leg is longer than my left) and difficulty with stairs. The leg doesn't want to lift and is less than stable while climbing the stair. Although right-handed, it has become less useful than my left. Writing is difficult.

Atrophy...tough one. I first noticed a difference when I tried on a pair of shoes and the right foot was at least a half size smaller than the left, which is not usually the case. Someone else noticed the difference in the back of my leg - the calf, Although they thought the left leg was swollen. The difference is mostly in the foot, ankle and calf. The ankle is quite noticeable from the front and the back, while the calf is far more easy to note from the side and the back. It is very odd looking, compared to the rest of sure about the timing. I didn't notice the atrophy thing until vary recently, say the last month.

The neuro did a NCV which, by the way, made me miserable for about 3 days with twitches and a headache. He did a quick EMG on my face, but decided that his associate can do more in depth in the clinic.

Thanks very much for your assistance wright, I am aware of your background and appreciate that you take the time to help people. I am pretty cool with que sera sera. If I can't have answers, I at least wanna know the right questions and if I do get an answer, I want to know what to expect...I'm not a big fan of surprises.

Thanks again.