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Hi all. Some of you may remember me. For 5 months I have been having migratory pains that will hit one area for a few seconds to hours then move to another spot. They feel like deep toothache pains and usually affect my ankles, toes, fingers, hands, spine. A wk after the onset of this I noticed EXTREME joint cracking. For the past 3 months I have had muscle facscilations ALL OVER my body non stop daily. I feel like a popcorn machine. In addition, I have had buzzing in my left foot, sometimes it tingles. For 2 weeks I have been getting muscle cramps

I have a clear MRI in terms of lesions of head and spine, though no contrast was done. Did see mild stenosis in neck. Also, I had an EMG about 1.5 months ago which was normal.

I went to see a 4th neuro today and at the end of the exam he said my exam was fine. He said normally a nuero when presented w twitching all over is concered about ALS. He said he "doesnt think" I have that because I have pains and nerve type things which are not associated with ALS. However, he did say sometimes its hard to tell early on in the disease. Then he went on to say he didnt think it was MS as usually the issues with MS last in one area for at least a few days non stop vs skipping around my body. He also said usually there is not pain with MS but I know a good amount about MS and knwo pain IS associated.

My joints are cracking non stop still and some areas are popping in and out of the socket-pelvis, shoulders---the neuro heard it today and had no explanation. Is this muscle wasting?

Basically he said we just have to wait and see what changes.

So now I am back to being concerned that I could have ALS. I do not have weakness that I notice. The only new things bothering me is the vibrating/buzzing feeling in my foot, muscle cramps, and also my right pointer finger went numb for 2 days.

He said my cord compression was not bad enough to cause this either.

Feedback greatly appreciated.
I have widespread pains aswell, along with some cold spots ( like there are icecubes between my fingers ) and widespread twitching.
I have had a clean MRI of my head, but no MRI of the spinal cord. The anxiety is tempting me to get one.. should i?

Ofcourse MS can cause pain.. its a autoimmune disease that attacks the nerves ( both sensory and motor ) so you will experience numbness, cold/hot spots, pains etc. Most neuros do not know this, because their knowledge is outdated. Over the past few years, MS has been well known to cause extreme pain and sensory problems. In a very few cases, MS does not show up as lesions and a spinal tap is needed to get this fish out of the water. However, there is another condition called peripheral neuropathy which can also cause pain and twitches;

Cracking or popping joints are not associated with ALS. Not at all. Allot of people with BFS and fibromyalgia have it; even some healthy people get cracking joints.. some more then others.