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Thanks for your response> I guess I thought one had to have the twitching at the moment of the EMG-I (of course) during the test had no twitching. I also was fearful when the new neuro today said that sometimes it doesnt show up right away on an EMG.

The thing with me is my cracking is not normal.I am SO tired of drs saying "joint cracking" is normal. I know in some cases it is. However, I never had cracks like this until about a wk after the onset of my migratory pains. For example I counted 15 cracks in 10 min, they are loud hard cracks, other times one joint will crack 5 time within a minute, at night when I roll over all you hear are my shoulders. Now my joints are coming out of the socket, mainly the hips, pelvic and knees--the neuro today was somewhat shocked at this...

What do you feel the reason is for your symptoms? Did most just onset all at once? Most of mine did aside from the twithing which was months after the pains and the muscle pulls/cramps which just started happening.

I do not have fibro as I dont have the tender spots. Before my dr scared me today I have been thinking MS, Lyme or some sort of connective tissue disorder (though labs clear)

I think I am going to request an LP as my next step
During the clinical exam, i had no twitches aswell. These little annoying twitchers are really playing tricks on us

If you have fasciculations and if it really is ALS, then it will show up on the EMG. The only thing that will not show up on the EMG is upper motor neuron damage ( bulbar ). Do not be afraid you have that one now and start looking at your tongue. Anxiety can mimic allot of its symptoms and really play tricks with you.

I do not know the reason, but i suspect something; I'm an extreme hypochondriac. Prior to my twitching, i had some intense back pain and muscle spasm between my ribs. During this time i was also coughing for about 6 weeks.. i went to the doc's office about 5 times in a month because i thought it was lung cancer or something. The twitching started right after.. so i guess the cause of my twitching is stress/ anxiety. For some people it is a viral infection.. for others it is unknown.

MS can cause muscle twitches.. but usually not fine little twitches that we experience.. more like electric body jolt twitches that suddenly moves a limb. But these kind of twitches can also be found in BFS, or right before you fall asleep

I have been tested for lyme aswell; lyme can mimic allot of neurological disorders and it sometimes takes years before these symptoms start to take off after you got bitten. These include pains, pins and needles, sometimes twitches, headaches etc.