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So if one does not have the twitching during the EMG then that can STILL detect ALS?

I have twitching in my upper body too, eye, shoulder, etc.. So is that known as "upper neuron"?

Do you have fascilations nonstop everyday? Can you see your twitches? I see some, some I dont. I can have one little twitch or tons of little tiny ones that feel like its bugs under my skin, or hard heavy ones (these wake me up)

I have tried magnesium and it does not help.

I thought hmm is this stress causing all of this? However, stress would not cause my joint issue and I doubt these heavy pains that I have-literally feels like a toothace. I get nerve pains too.

Have you tried any meds?
ALS fasciculations are caused by denervation of the motor neurons. You dont have to twitch when you have a EMG. The EMG will show up denervation and lots of dirtyness.. and fasciculations if you have them. Again, if you have BFS then sometimes they will show up.. but with no denervation then you dont have als.

The EMG does not need to be in the affected limb where you have twitches at that very moment to see ALS. ALS is a body wide disease.. it WILL show up on the EMG.

I have good and bad days. On good days, the twitches are barely noticeable. On bad days, i get lots of 'hits and runners' that seem to hit one place then go to the next. I just had a hotspot on my hand for a couple of days that even let me drop a cup of tea because i thought a bug was crawling on my hand

Sometimes, the twitching gets replaced by hit and run pain sensations.. At this very moment, i think the twitching is about 40%, and the pain sensations the other 60%.

I tried vitamin pills; no effect.
I took some benzo's ( temazepam, oxazepam ) when BFS first took off because i was in allot of panic. But the doctors are careful in giving these pills because they are addictive and are not that good for your body. I dont like using them either, because i've read that after a few weeks you have to stop taking them for a while and its like going on cold turkey; you will notice lots of twitching because you were mentally numb all the time when you took them and did not noticed the twitching that much.

When i have a very bad night, i take a good conversation with my old friend jack daniels. It does not stop the twitching; the benzo's dont stop the twitching aswell.. but it makes you numb so you wont notice them. Becareful with alcohol though.. its just as addictive like the benzo's