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Have you been tested for auto immune disorders, your thyroid and lyme?

Odd, my dr said with ALS the twitching is all over the body? Actually two drs said that.The dr today did say there are no sensory things with it as you mentioned, ie pains, etc.. Still I cant help but worry.

I prob see about 30% of of my twitches the others are the little deep ones that feels liek there are bugs moving around in my muscles

My other dr did say that usually with ALS the twitching is in later stages after atrophy, but in some cases it can be the first symptom

I have not noticed any weakness, I lift the same weights at the gym with no bigger struggle so I assume that is a good sign?

I wonder if stress could cause the tendens to get stiff hence cause joint cracking. I am grasping at straws. The best bet would if it were all stress! A lot of this started after my dad was diagnosed w end stage PC -he lived 2.5 months after diagnosed. However, I was having some of the pains before, like burning/nerve feelings and the eye pressure pain that I get.
Body wide twitching in ALS is during a very late stage of the disease. You will have major issues by then for sure.

I have been tested for lyme. Getting results next week.. i have been bitten by a tick when i was 12.. never had the well known red spot. Sometimes it takes years for neurological symptoms to show up on the surface. I get pains in my eyes sometimes aswell, i have no idea what these pain sensations are or if they are related to BFS. Thats why im doubting if i should go for another MRI of my spinal cord to rule out tumors and MS.

BFS is not related to ALS. You do not have a higher risk of getting ALS; your like any other person. BFS is a chronic disorder while ALS is another disease.. Even someone with MS can have ALS; although never reported i think.. but when it comes to diseases, no one gets the lucky card. We should enjoy life until then