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Hello everyone.

I'm 35 male.

6 feet.

150 lbs

Had always considered myself the model of perfect health. Never smoked, never drank. And vegetarian for 15 years.


I have had symptoms for almost 2 years now, have had some tests but no dianosis of anything. I had never thought of ALS until 4 days ago. I hope someone can offer some opinions as to what I might and might not have.

2 years ago. list of symptoms in order as they occured (more or less).

severe itching on legs - lasted 2 or 3 months. Still itch occassionally

slight tingling in left foot big toe, and in thumb of left hand lasted 3 weeks.

dermographism - lasted a year - still have slight dermographism

stiffness and slight pain in neck and shoulders - lasted off an on for a little over a year

dull pain on the left side of my chest. lasted for 6 months. disappeared. and has come back only a few times and lasted only a few days.

skin is very sensitive. it someone pats me on the back. it hurts. when I dry my hands with a paper towel, it hurts. started about 3 months in and still experience it up to today.

stiff calf muscles - happened on occassion first year. happens once every 1 or 2 months now

general pain / stiffness after letting go of holding an object, like a steering wheel. Or after carrying in a bag of groceries. Or after sitting for more than 10 minutes

stiff hands upon waking up - first 4 months - doesnt happen much any more

the feeling of weak legs. Sometimes when I stand, I feel like my legs can barely hold me.
started within first 3 months, and happens frequently to date.

arms feel week on occassion as well.

arms tingle, feet tingle, legs tingle, head tingles, almost on a daily basis. comes and goes. can be moderately severe for 3 hours, then disappear for 8 hours. started about
5 months after first symptoms.

muscle twitches in calves and arms. twitches are about the size of a nickel and are visible. Has never been severe, but definitely noticable and annoying. usually lasts half a day to a day. maybe twice or 3 times a week. symptoms started about a year ago.

some ringing in my right ear. 3 times a week. symptoms started over a year ago.

when I wake up in the morning, and sometimes during the day, my body, especially my legs, feel like they are buzzing.

I have basically gone the last 2 years with some sort of symptom everyday. Maybe I will go 2 or 3 days ..and feel really good. Then a week long period comes, where I have alot of these symptoms.

One of the last things that happened to me and now I'm trying to tie it into ALS is...

I was doing a semi-strenuous sport a few months ago. But nothing I hadnt done for years, and happened to look down at my forearm ..and there was a huge knot/ball. It looked like a golf ball under my skin. I went to the doc the next day ..and he said I probably tore some muscle and broke some vessels. It has since gone back to normal, looks wise. But now I have frequent pulses of pain in that arm, and my other arm. And my wrists now seem to have some weekness and occassional throbing pain. And over all
my arms feel weaker than usual.


medical test history


after about the first 4 months of symptoms started, I went straight to mayo clinic in arizona, convinced I either had lupus or MS. I made the rounds. MRI on head and Neck. Tons of blood tests. All the doctors basically laughed me out of the hospital saying it was just stress.

That was a year and a half ago and I continue to feel bad virtually every day.

The last doctor I saw was a rheumatologist. He put me through a few physical tests and tons of blood work. The only thing he found from the test is ..he said they showed I had some slight muscle inflammation. He didnt seem too concerned but knew I was.. and offered to refer me to a clinic in houston. I havent since gone for lack of funds.

One other thing that has always stuck in my mind is ..the neurologist as mayo said my reflexes were a little brisk ..thereby ordering an MRI ..but he also stated that ...both sides were equally brisk ....and said that it's possible i've just always had brisk reflexes ..and that some people do.

Thanks for reading and forgive any spelling errors.

Any ideas?