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Default Full Moon

Last night I was very shaky, head achy, nauseated and just feeling down right awful. Was feeling off all day but it really hit me hard about 9:30 pm. My hubby said this morning that I was tossing and turning all night (not that I remember) and he wondered if it was because of the full moon.

Anyone else have a bad flare and what is everyone's thought on the moon affecting them? Just curious since the moon can be linked to people's moods.
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Default Re: Full Moon

I haven't heard of this having a connection, *but* I haven't done a lot of research and this is a great question. The first thing that came to my mind was to ask if you're in the part of Canada that has been having tornado watches lately day after day? I know that atmospheric pressure can cause migraines, and this sounds similar. Unfortunately I don't know my Canadian geography well enough to know if you're close to those areas or not.
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Default Re: Full Moon

I don't know but I will try to keep tabs on it.
Stress is the main reason for my flare ups, usually money related as I have no job.
I will blame it on the moon, if possible! Someone has to take the blame for this miserable, unrequested disease. I still ask---why me? No pity party, just curious.
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