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Default 67 and still researching for fibro help

Hi all,

Not sure when I did first come down with it, but think it was in my early 20's. (I am now 67 years young) Remember a time when I would have waves of pain go thru my body and lasted for couple of months. Wondering if I had some weird virus that caused the fibro. After that I started have multiple problems with muscle pain everywhere. Went thru many doctors and tests all to no avail and some leaving me wanting to hurt the doctor - those who said it was my nerves (as everyone knows women have a tendancy towards being nervous ninnies.) The other one I love is - oh, it's your posture - not sitting right at your desk. Just try doing stretches at work from time to time, deary, and you'll be just fine.... erg!

Anyhoo - many years later, many docs later, I am now diagnosed with: TMJ, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sleep disorder, Tinitis, Vertigo, chronic sinusitis, depression, and just today got new diagnosis of psoriatic dermititis to add to the list.

Interesting is I've read on some websites that fibro is an autoimmune disease. So is the psoriasis I've been diagnosed with - maybe a connection just in the autoimmune system. On one sight says that autoimmune can be thrown off by some trigger - which could be one of many things - trauma/accident, illness, some time of allergy including food allergies, some high stress time in ones life, etc. Something to ponder.

My next stop after the dermatologist I saw for the psoriasis is a holistic doctor and want to go thru tests to find out what allergies I might have to foods, etc, that may be triggering the autoimmune system.

Would love to hear from anyone who has any good info on autoimmune system and fibro connection.

Better health to all.

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