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Default Re: The Depression Letter

Looking over this thread I realize I never said thank you to Janette Holzer for her post. Thank you, Janette. It makes me feel just slightly less alone to know that others can relate to what I am saying.
If I have failed to thank anyone else, it's not on purpose.

Most people who have never suffered from true depression will never understand what it is like......and I get that, because I cannot, for instance, understand what it is like to have only one leg. Without experiencing it, how can you really understand? And people sometimes think they understand, because they were down in the dumps one time for a few days or weeks. Not that I am not truly compassionate to anyone who is depressed for any length of time or to any degree, but a depression that is situational and goes away after a short time is not the same thing at all. It is hard at the time but it doesn't shape, define and ultimately ruin a life that otherwise might have been a good life. It doesn't take a good person and break them down so far that there's nothing much left.

I wish that people would just be willing to recognize that they do not know what it is like and therefore they should not judge a person or make assumptions.
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