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aidin91 05-10-2017 06:47 PM

Hi, I am new
I am new to this forum and I am really glad that I found this forum.
I have some questions about FM.
I am 25 y/o male.
I had stressful life since my childhood and I remember that headache started when I was 8 or 9.I just want to give some symptoms of my health and ask for your help and advice.
suffering from headache, high heart rate and high blood pressure, stiffness in the neck (which when I turn my neck it sounds like cracking and also pain in back of the neck and in severe conditions I feel that pain behind of my eye), general hair loss (with no rational reason),sleep disorder.
Thanks in advance

medicmurphy 05-10-2017 09:29 PM

Re: Hi, I am new
Have you been to see a Dr? Your symptoms could range from extreme stress, PTSD, endocrine disorders, malfunctioning thyroid, and so on. I highly recommend you book an appointment and present these symptoms to a qualified professional. You are very young so to live this way is sad. Please stick around of course but the symptoms you describe really do not sound like Fibromyalgia. That's not to say you may have it due to a stressful childhood but at face value it is uncertain.

vickythecat 05-11-2017 01:02 PM

Re: Hi, I am new
I completely agree with medicmurphy. Keep a diary of your health complaints, past illnesses/diagnosis and present all of those to the doctor. Make sure you get the full blood/urine tests done. And go from there. It can take a while to find a cure no matter what you might be suffering from, but in the meantime you might want to make sure you are leading a very healthy lifestyle - eat well, exercise, do breathing exercises, take time for your own inner and outer well-being etc. (I know I know, arent we all sick of hearing that, but it is simply so very important).

diamond 05-11-2017 01:16 PM

Re: Hi, I am new
I agree with vicky and medicmurphy..these are not typical fibro may all be severe stress related ...basically your system all out of kilter due to your bad experiences long term. Take good care of healthy get fresh air and maybe see neurologist too as headaches neck pain and pain in your eyes could all be ruled out as having any serious cause.

You might find a low dose anti depressant used to relax muscles and reduce pain helps but you do need to persue help from a variety of doctors until someone takes you seriously...even if in the end you see a psychiatrist who also deal with anxiety conditions manifesting with pain of the type you describe.

It could possibly be the start of fibro but from what you describe it doesnt sound likely.....even if it is most likely you can minimize symptoms by taking extra care of yourself now...but fibro affects all 4 quadrants of the body not just your headache and neck.

aidin91 05-11-2017 03:13 PM

Re: Hi, I am new
thanks a lot for your respond I really appreciate your advice's and comments. I visited many doctors but apparently non of them know anything about this.
I tried blood work, every thing came out normal (Thyroid,Iron,Vitamin etc).
I read that in fibromylagia there are some tender points in neck back shoulder arm which is completely are the points that I experience pain(I hope I don't have FM)
and I used fluoxetine which was very helpful but after I stopped it the symptoms came with rage.also taurine helped me a lot but I had to use it in heavy dosage.
Thanks in advance.

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