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Interest: I am being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain.
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Default Diagnosed in 15 and had years of low pain until now, does this sound like fibro?

I am 25 years old (male) back in 2013-2014 I started having really bad calf and arm pin and had blood tests and a mri done along with a test where they shocked my muscles in my legs, sorry I canít remember what that was called lol. Everything came back fine except that test where they shocked me, they said my nerves didnít respond quite as much as they should have but ruled it out as fibro. I honestly think they didnít know what else to diagnose me with so they went with fibro. Up until recently I have been doing good, working full time and doing tasks around the house, I know my limits though and donít attempt to go hiking or on any jogs but the past two weeks have been miserable. My calfís and arms are so tight and sore. The only way I can describe it is it feels like I have ran a marathon and done 200 push-ups. I canít slee well because of my legs twitching and jerking, my arms are shaky when lifting objects over I would guess 20 pounds. I am constantly fatigued even if I do get a good nights rest, I feel out of it like I am drunk or something. Does anyone else have this kind of pain/symptoms with fibro? Also I really donít know what to do about my job, I canít continue to work full time with this kind of pain and fatigue, my family doctor suggested trying for disability and working part time but I really hate to give up and do that, Iím not even sure if. I would be eligible for disability with fibro. Any advise would be appreciated
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