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Default First time in forum vent

This is my first time posting in public about my fibromyalgia. I was a teenager in the 90's when diagnosed. The past few years have brought more pain, injury and devastating depression and suicidal thoughts that I ever imagined. I've tried patient rehab, support groups, friends, relatives, natural medicine, etc. While some things help make it bearable temporarily I've yet to find something that continues to help that does not cause more issues. I use humor a lot to mask my pain but the funny is being slowly sucked out of me.

For me sleeping and eating better makes a difference but the working out has left me hurt. I want to work out so bad. My mind is about to blow up!
Every time I introduce working out to my daily again I get hurt. I've tried everything and have found working with a pt to modify my workout and keep me motivated works best. I get passed those first hard few weeks then bam! Hurt again. My body is falling apart, ya'll! I'm going to need a big bag!

I now feel like a burden on my husband and best friend. No one wants to have negativity around them. We all know the social media posts about how you are cutting negativity out of your life! So here I am feeling sorry for myself, embarrassed and experiencing a roller coaster of anxiety over the thought of venting to my top 2 people and still injured. No gym for almost 2 months.

My brain says go go go go and my body says.. wait what? I feel so lost.

Thanks for listening.
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