Fibro dejection

My first blog. I have had alot of fibro symptoms for many many years. Im 58 now but the pain, sleep and other problems started probably 20 years first I thought it was just from work but it got worse as time went on. 5 years ago I started telling my wife something was wrong, didnt know how much longer i could keep doing my job. I worked at an meat processing plant on the cold side. I would miss a lot of work due to "flu symptoms. Finally 3 years ago i could not walk into the cold anymore. Dr. Put me off on temp dissability while they sent me to specialists trying to figure out what was wrong. No dr had a solution. After 6 mos. On short term my long term dissability said "there is nothing wrong with you. Dr. Has no diagnosis of any debilitating disease." Went back to my dr. After cussing at me and telling me it was all in my head, he refused to see me again. Went to another dr. Same hospital group. I tell him i have no income and need to go back to the job i know i cannot do. He puts me back to work. 2 mos later i pointed out. I dont know how to get an unbiased opinion on my problem, u go to a dr. They look u up on their computer, find your records and agree with other drs. I got another job stocking groceries. 11 mos later i point out. That was 6 mos ago. Finally my new dr says " you probably have fibromyalgia".wife asks "can he get dissability for this"? He laughed in our face. I am in so much pain constantly i just want to take a bunch of drugs but my mother went through this and became addicted to pain killers. I am at a loss. I cannot keep a job. Drs. Think i just want dissability cause im lazy. Why would someone who has worked their whole life and is making $45,000 a year want to go on dissability making $1200 to $1300 a month? My wife goes to the same dr that would not see me anymore. I went with her to an app awhile back and the dr had the gull to ask how i was doing. Dont know where to go from here. Any help would b appreciated.

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