I healed myself naturally, symptoms gone

I suffered with CFS for 15 years and wanted to die. I finally found how to heal myself naturally. It was a combination of physically healing myself with getting off of wheat, sugar, junk food etc. and taking colloidal silver to clear excess yeast, which is at the root of so many illnesses. But almost more important was dealing with why the illness showed up, releasing emotional issues, traumas etc. and stop identifying with being sick and being able to let it go. Even being ill can be a crutch because it is a comfort zone and familiar. Sounds strange but I also found out that a part of me didn't want to let it go because, it felt safe to be sick and unsafe to be well. (Taking responsibility for my life and stepping out to live my purpose). I did face this and my body started to naturally heal itself. Now I help others do the same. I help people heal CFS, fibro etc. My life is very different now, I feel great and I'm a mentor for others. It was a long road but I did finally figure out how to do it.

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