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knowing that you are not heard. that your voice is less than the wind or lost in lifes background music.

write your words, speak them out loud, no one will hear them.
few will read them and of those few, they will be but meaningless symbols that are forgotten the moment the page is turned.

nagging memories.

i always liked girls.
i never went through the typical little boy phobia of little girls.
I remember my first crush in kindergarten.
I caused a stir once back then in Catholic school, nap time was still common in the 1970s and the “room captain” had all kinds of perks, including choosing who was going to set their sleeping mat in the middle of the room. For some reason all of us kids all thought this terribly important.

what did i do to deserve this?

the migraine headaches are back again. seriously im now just hoping i can hurry up and die a natural death so no one freaks out. im so sick of this.
i kept thinking it couldnt get worse but im an idiot and it keeps proving me wrong.

wtf is the point of this.

hello all. nothing much to see here

Hello all.
New here and torn between writing a typical 'about me' post or simply venting at random.

Maybe ill do a combo. While not the healthiest person on earth, i did ok for many years. The exception being a bad run of depression late teens and twenties. Joining the Army and changing my viewpoint helped a bit. (Persian Gulf war vet)

Never dated as i was too shy but still managed to meet and get married to a woman who is quite remarkable and is a great mother. However things went down hill.