hello all. nothing much to see here

Hello all.
New here and torn between writing a typical 'about me' post or simply venting at random.

Maybe ill do a combo. While not the healthiest person on earth, i did ok for many years. The exception being a bad run of depression late teens and twenties. Joining the Army and changing my viewpoint helped a bit. (Persian Gulf war vet)

Never dated as i was too shy but still managed to meet and get married to a woman who is quite remarkable and is a great mother. However things went down hill.
First was after being exposed to the rotovirus (via oldest daughter) my body seemed to go all to hell.
A year of digestive suffering finally resulted in an ulcerative colitis diagnosis. My wifes family are all ungodly healthy people and her sympathy began to weaken quite a bit.

Two years of that hell finally let up on me and i started doing better but new symptoms arose.
Dizziness, neck pain and headaches, heart racing and such. Again....a year of doctor visits, MRIs and CT scans plus untold blood samples.
I was told 'its just in your head. Quit complaining'.

Finally the pain was too much and i saw the nurse at work who sent me for an xray.
I had a fractured vertebra in my neck that resulted in a fusion surgery of C1-C2.

The worst part is now that the fusion is solid and healed the pain never stopped. Now the diagnosis is Fibromyalgia.

I was stuck on a cocktail of drugs that more or less helped with pain but the side effects were horrid.
On top of all my depression became major and im now realizing im facing the emotional overload of fibro people.

Ive lost friends because 'i complain but dont seem to do anything to get better'.
Going to the gym, which i hate ..haha! And therapy sessions dont seem to count i guess.
Ive dieted to where almost every food i ever enjoyed is now off the list as it seems to cause flares.

Anyway, i know my aches arent as bad as some as i can still work and move about. I just wish i could re visit my body of 20 years ago as like a vacation or something.

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