nagging memories.

i always liked girls.
i never went through the typical little boy phobia of little girls.
I remember my first crush in kindergarten.
I caused a stir once back then in Catholic school, nap time was still common in the 1970s and the “room captain” had all kinds of perks, including choosing who was going to set their sleeping mat in the middle of the room. For some reason all of us kids all thought this terribly important.

When it was my turn to be the 'man in charge', I chose one of the little girls in the room i had noticed from the first day of school. I had always thought she was pretty and nice.
She always wore a uniform skirt and sweater and had a black velvet bow on the right side of her short bob haircut.
I remember her shy smile as the lights went off for nap time. And I also remember the boys all telling me later in the afternoon i should have picked one of them rather than a girl.

unfortunately, I never developed a friendship with her though i think my suave move made a good impression..haha!
my family soon moved
and I cant even remember her name even though her face is still perfectly clear to my memory as it was long ago in person.

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