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The worst 2 weeks I have ever had

I have been really sick. I have so much on my plate that I don't know how to handle it anymore. I feel I am losing my grip on things. I feel so helpless sometimes. I don't know what kind of feeling I should have. Happiness, Sadness or anger. I am happy things are picking up. Sad that it has taken half of my life. Anger that I can't get to it faster. So many things are blocking me off from what I know I need to do. I need a breath...a break from it. Even for a few minutes. I will try to get out and head to town. Decided if I want it I will just have to work extra hard for it.

bad day.. but the end turned out good

I had a not so good starting of a day. It was hard. Luckly I had my Mom try and help me pass through it. I had tears going down my face. I felt like a zombie and the pain was the worst Ive had in Months. She pushed me through it. I still left even though I felt like a pile of poo. I went out to get a new pet. I got a bird. Bringing that bird home. Oh gosh. How could anything be so cute and innocent?! There wasnt any breath holes so I poked one in the box. And the whole time she stuck her little face next to the peep hole and we stared at each other the whole ride home.

My first blog ever. here it goes

Well hi My name is Stephanie! After Thanksgiving. My family and I decided to foster two dogs. The moment they have gotten here it was chaotic. Christmas wasnt to bad. Atleast for that day it was peacful. Christmas here it was raining. gross.. The dogs are still here. they wil be going to another foster in a week. I know I will miss them. But I will be relieved that my family and I will have a brake. 2015 is here and I am trying to make changes. so far it is going good