What´s that?

Hello Guys, about 7 Months i have Problems with my body. I have almost every day Headache, Fatigue, Problems with Eyes (dry), especially sometimes i get diffuse Pain it´s like Stabbings, near/under/over Knee,shin pain, especially pain over the cheeks...
when I run a bit, my left achilles tendon hurts. Sometimes my right hip can hurt, i cant exactly describe.In the morning, my arms, fingers, especially the back feels like hard. Last days i had so problems with my hands, then i had Stabbing on my Fingertips, that really hurts. When I pressed my two hands, the pain was come. 5 days later, the same experiment, i pressed my hands, the pain was gone, peculiar or?
The other one is,sometimes my stomach is spinning... Often my stomach is rumbling, and i have diarrhea. I was many times in the hospital, but with no result, they searched me on Lyme Disease (5 times), but it was nothing.

Instructions, i was many years builled(almost 3 years), also with Depression, it was very hard. The other thing is;

my skin, i have a ease form of Psoriasis, and i have/had problems with my left shoulder, the shoulder was always higher than the other until today (lack attitude) = Fibromyalgia?

sry for this English :roll:
Thank you =)

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