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Saturday, December 27th

Hi, my name is Judy, and I'm a Fat-a-holic...OMG, do I feel like the Good Year Blimp after eating my way through the holidays. Normally, this would not get to me because I would adjust my eating habits and start exercising to reverse the weight gain. :xWell, hell, I can't sweep the front walk off without feeling like I ran a marathon. I don't know what I was thinking to pack this weight on as I am not the same person with the energy levels and physical aptitude of the 'old' me.

Wednesday, December 23, xmas eve eve!

:p The grocery stores and Wal Mart looked like they were giving something away today...Xmas traffic..got to love it...NOT!!

Started off my morning going to the pain doc to pick up this month's script for tramadol, made a few stops at friends houses, ate some lunch and made a grocery run.

Friday 12/19 - Christmas Cookies

Hi everyone...countdown to Christmas...how's your 'to do' list coming along?

So since this is the first year I'm not bogged down with a job, I decided to make Christmas cookies to share with friends and neighbors. My first batch on Tuesday of this week was Mexican Wedding Cookies, which are basically round butter cookies with walnuts rolled in confectioner's sugar. Forgot to tell the hubby that they weren't just for him...LOL! Guess they were good as he ate them all.

Thursday the 11th

Morning everyone...weather is really nice right now in Orlando and great for putting up Christmas decorations and going out to shop.

So my fibro has settled into my upper back, neck and shoulders for the last two weeks..crampy, achy and miserable...I am surprised my skin hasn't come off in the shower from my attempts to use the force of the water to break up the shoulder spasms.

Friday Follies

I am going to impart some non-essential information to you about how to get your Dyson stick vacuum exhaust not to be so smelly. It doesn't matter if you empty the canister or clean the filter, when the exhaust blows which is at your hand level, it's not pleasant. Enter Judy engineering...I took a dryer softener sheet and cut it in half and then kind of made little slits in one side of each half. I then used straping tape to attach my fabric softeners sheets to the vents on the exhaust. Worked like a charm! I can now vacuum without grossing myself out.

Putting up the Christmas tree!

Happy Tuesday everyone...have you come out of your turkey coma yet? Keith and I chowed down on hamburgers on Saturday for lunch...just had to break up the turkey marathon.

Fibro is such a strange affliction...finally get out of pain with my knee and like overnight my neck and upper back are achey, crampy and painful..what the heck! It's like there is a gremlin living in me that moves around to a new place of attack. Not to mention a nice little sinus infection that sent to me to the ENT doc yesterday.

Count down to Turkey Day

The year has certainly flown by...can't believe it is thanksgiving already. Not going to anyone's house this year...having a leisurely day with just the two of us....we brine the turkey overnight and then cover it in seasonings and use the rotisserie function on our weber grill...OMG, the best bird every...I have had oven and deep fried turkey but the Weber method is my favorite. Plus, it frees up your oven for warming up all the sides.

Friday Eve - Ready for the Weekend

:wink: So how is everyone doing? Had our first cold blast in Orlando this week...whoa, yesterday morning was quite chilly.I know most people with fibro get an extra little pain from the weather change...the cold seems to go right to the bones. Poor Buffalo, New York...my goodness, 75 inches of snow in one day...that's a lot of igloos!

I can't imagine how hard it is for everyone with fibro/fatigue/back issues to have to shovel snow just to get out of your house and then clear your car of snow....has to be brutal....I would cover myself in icy hot every day.

NCIS nite!

Okay, yes, I am an NCIS junkie..I watch the original, L.A. and New Orleans. When I had severe sciatica 6 years ago and was home in bed with ice packs and pain pills, Re-runs of NCIS were my guilty pleasure that helped me stop thinking about my situation.

How is everyone doing? I know these cold fronts coming down on the upper states must be brutal on my fibro buddies. Absolutely gorgeous day here in Orlando, FL today; just wish it didn't get dark at 5:00 p.m. but I am an early riser so I'm up to see the sun rise.

God Bless Physical Therapists

After an agonizing Thursday, I made it to my 9 a.m. appointment for Knee therapy on Friday morning. Burst into tears when the PT came to greet me and told her my tale of woe. By the time I left, I was in much better shape and able to walk without excruciating pain.

She once again reminded me of how tender the knee is after surgery and it was just a little set back. I didn't realize how out of shape my leg muscles are until you realize how important they are in alleviating knee pain.