Chronic illness, it's all in your head


When a person first experiences issues of illness they are likely to head straight to the doctor. It takes medical professional the better part of 3 months to 1 year to diagnose you anything but wait before you can get a confirmation on any illness. Doctors will try to convince you it is all in you head and give you medications.

Correct in that theory because you are feeling pain in your head and entire body.

Chronic illness whether it’s fibromyalgia, chronic pain or C.F.S. It’s terrible to have to ever experience it.

It takes about a year for a diagnoses, doesn’t mean it’s the correct one but doctor’s just want to put a name to your discomfort.

It takes the person struck with illness about a year to believe it and start to understand, why, how, when. Doctors can’t explain it correctly because they don’t know how. They certainly will not give you hope of a cure. Family and friends don’t understand, don’t want to take the time to understand and learn how to help you. Everyone says they care but most people I speak with feel alone like no one cares.

By the second year of your illness is when you have no choice but to admit at least to yourself, you just can’t do what you once could. This is what I call the time of acceptance. A depression sets in deep because now simple tasks are impossible. Once a strong person in all aspects, now you can barely get out of bed

Chronic illness is like quick sand, it will pull you in quick and fast. Once that happens it’s a constant battle within yourself you can not heal when every time you turn around a new illness is waiting for you. The more you surrender to the illness the worse it will get.

Doctors & specialist will send you in circles, therapy, injections, pain management and every kind of doctor possible, each one with a new medication to help you. Nothing helps, nothing makes you better. You don’t question them because they are doctors but you should. They are getting paid to care for you and failing at it.

Doctors are not what they once were. Prescriptions are giving to treat conditions you don’t have. Prescriptions are giving before doctors really know what’s going on and people think it’s because they cares. No, doctors get kick backs for pushing certain medications on patients.

So you take the medications, you do everything the doctors tell you to do and three months down the road you return to the doctor and find out now you have more health issues.

If treatment was working, you would have some signs of getting better. If treatment was working you wouldn’t have more illnesses.

By no means is any type of chronic illness fun. I know this because I formerly suffered from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, arthritis and so much more. I suffered in the worst ways and I did everything doctors told me to do. For over two years on medications, going from doctor to doctor. Every visit landed me a new illness, and another medication. I couldn’t get out of bed 17–20 a day could do nothing.

This is the point I decided to detox myself from doctors and medications. Almost a full year went by, I didn’t feel better but I didn’t feel worse.

One day I woke up and decided something had to change. I prayed for the strength, just give me energy so I can research and find something to help me. This was not the life I was intended to have, sick and weakened in bed all the time. I use to ride my bike 2 hours a day, walk 45 a day, do exercise, etc. Now getting out of bed to go to the bathroom was a struggle. All that I went through in and this is how it would end, no I couldn’t let this be.

The very next day and a few days after, I did hours and hours of endless research to find something or someone who could lead me in the right direction. I realized I was my only guide and I would need to figure out what to do to get better.

I ordered a supplement I had read up on for well over 6 months, this supplement I have listed on my website. Once I began taking this supplement I could not believe how well it worked for me. The first couple of weeks I did need to nap about 2 hours each day around 3 or 4 p.m.

I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had all the energy in the world and I was up and awake all day. No brain fog, no nausea, so many things felt better. That was the up side, down side now I was awake and in pain all day. Now I needed to find away to manage the pain.

I originally bought a 30 day supply of supplements. I was close to running out but did not re order. I really convinced myself it was a fluke. What ever was wrong with me, was done and I would be fine. I let the supplement run out. By the 2nd day without this supplement, I was back in bed.

Quickly re ordered and never looked back again. I am always fully stocked now. That was July 2014.

Now that I had energy all day I could cook real food, I could eat healthy. What I realized, eating healthy is a lot of work. What I learned our bodies work better with real food.

No more chips (I loved you chips) no more breads ( omg my bagels) flour, sugar, soda, juice, fast food. I completely changed the way I ate food. I drank only water with a high Ph level of 9 plus. Purchased test strips to test my ph level. When I started I was at a 4–5, which is very acidic, to date July 2016 I am a strong 9.

Then I went in on my research and study, spent a lot of money on vitamins and supplements. I remember the first time I made a large order, it was over $100. I thought to myself if this works it’s so worth it and I am worth this. So I clicked on complete order. Now I spent a good amount more than a few times to get what I needed to become healthy.

I did it after countless orders and combination of supplements and vitamins I created the formula that worked great for me.

I try in many ways to spread the word and help others. What I don’t like is I get some negative feedback from people with fibromyalgia. Telling me I don’t know what I am talking about. Which I see it as a personal reflection on them because they can’t step up to the challenge. I have researched and studied for a few years so much and the difference between myself and a doctor is this.

A doctor, will treat but wont look for the cause.

A doctor, will prescribe medications without knowing the illness or the cause of it.

A doctor, will not be compassionate, or empathetic.

A doctor, will communicate to you not with you.

A doctor, will never cure you.

Me, assist you in finding the cause. You can’t solve a problem without knowing the reasoning behind it.

Me, I would never tell a person to take prescription medications or OTC medicine, because the damage they cause to your body and organs is deadly.

Me, I am and always will be compassionate to others. I am always empathetic because I have been in your place.

Me, I always communicate with people not at people.

Me, I give the tools to get the cure.

I don’t have a diploma in medicine, I have something so much more priceless which is my experience with illness and my desire to help. I am in process of becoming a health coach and although that certificate will not hold the same authority, I am pleased with it.

What I find lately is people many NOT ALL have accepted this illness as the end , so they wont move on from that.

Deepak Chopra says it’s a mindset and I do believe what he says. People set there mind on being sick and accept it as the outcome. As humans I believe we are capable of anything we set our mind to.

I can’t say they are comfortable with that because I experienced it and there is no comfort in having fibromyalgia and all that comes with it. I have to ask the question, so why don’t you think out of the box and make attempts to change how and what you feel?

I was near dead on medications, I can’t think that someone who wants to get better can not find a way. So I come to the conclusion it’s a fear developed because of the fibromyalgia. If your not ill, now what? If you get better what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Being sick has been your life for so long, how do you change it. One step at a time.

My first attempt, I feel and sprained my wrist. My second attempt I feel and busted my knee open, the good knee. seven stitches, a leg brace and months off my leg.

I get it, it’s frightening. It’s like starting over but ask yourself how wonderful would you be right now if you didn’t suffer with this illness?

For those of you who read this and are ready to curse me out with comments, think before you react. The energy you take to curse me out and yet you can’t encourage yourself or motivate yourself enough to start the change needed to become healthy and live your life.

Fibromyalgia is not all in your head but your mind set is a game changer on the entire outcome of your health.

If this made you angry to read, this was not my intention. Think and remember who and how you were before your illness, how difficult would it be to bring that person back? The mind is such a powerful tool, being in a brain fog is not a way to live.
Knowledge is power, I have educated myself beyond what I thought was capable and I want to spread the message to people to inspire and open minds.

Many people don’t get the support from family and loved ones. Family doesn’t realize how not being supportive is very depressing and makes you feel worse. How great would it feel when you make the change and you don’t need, want or desire that support. A few people in my family crapped there pants when I was on my path to getting healthy because I am a powerful house when in good health.

I am about all things possible and positive. I will complete what my mind, body and soul contributes to. Feel free to contact me if interesting in learning how to become healthy again or visit my website.

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