Opinions pre diagnosis

Hi Guys, I am pretty new to this forum, as I wish to seek advice, pre seeking medical advice. I’m 23 years old and I have experienced chronic pain for many years in different ways. I had gynaecological complications when I was younger and with various diagnoses, consultants couldn’t come up with a satisfying answer. In March of this year I had a car accident and haven’t been in the same body frame since. Since working alongside a new colleague that has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have been monitoring my symptoms. I am finding that I am writing lists as I easily forget things, I experience more pressure headaches and dizziness. I struggle to get good quality amounts of sleep, I wake numerous times in the night, and I feel very fatigued in the mornings. I have recently noticed pain I’m experiencing in my back, abdomen, shoulders and armpit areas, as well as joints of my arms and legs.. it’s been a growing concern but put it down to heightened activity in the workplace, but I have recently monitored pins and needles in my arms and hands, as well as my feet and also I have noticed the pain and stiffness I have been experiencing when waking up. Any suggestions welcome, as I haven’t yet consulted a doctor due to putting it down to other things.

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