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I'm interested in opinions about my diagnosis. My doctor suspects that I have fibromyalgia.. Triggered from my breast cancer fight. His reasoning is based on the fact my mother has it and although some of my pain symptoms are explainable others don't seem to be. What would explain some.. Is my bad back.. Tendinitis..which I can't seem to shake even with acupuncture.. and loss etc. My symptoms that are unexplainable are my horrible leg pain.. I am guessing most of you would relate to having trouble just walking too.. And my stomach issues.. Abdominal pain. I have done the test several times with the same results. I am only 46. I should note that None of the pain I feel on a daily basis seems to be related to my Breast surgery. So in short... If I took my explainable pain away.. And just considered the unexplained pain.. And could possibly relate the fatigue to the cancer... Would I really have fibromyalgia or is it something else causing my leg stomach and muscle pain..the rheumotologist says it's old age in my knees.. And wants an Mri on my hand..i have to see him doctor wants me to make sure I have explained everything thorougly to him next visit. Any opinions are helpful thanks.

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