Will this pain go away?

Hello. I'm new here, so please bear with me. I am an ex-correctional officer. Two years of walking on concrete 6 days a week_8hrs a day, has taken its toll on my feet and legs. It started last year with pain in my lower leg and foot(always left side). The pain in my foot was always on the bottom with throbbing sensations long after getting home and resting for hours. It would last in spurts of 30mins. and go away after about 2 hrs or so. O would go weeks/ months with no problems. As of today I haven't been able to walk for 3 days. The pain in my foot is constant with no leg pain. I'm an having to walk on the ball of my foot...once the pain medicine kicks in, but cannot put pressure on my foot flatly. My foot feels very tight, but is not swollen. I am so afraid that this will become permanent. I quit my job 2 months ago, for other reasons, and plan to go back to work next month. I need to be able to walk! Asking for advice and prayers, Mrs. Williams

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