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Feeling old

Well had a birthday over the weekend..30 didn't bother me 40 didn't bother me but 41 I can't say I'm 40 I have to say I'm in my 40's. weirded but it makes a difference..
I also had a big fight with my hubby. He said to me ' you're sick get over it'So to say the least I lost it but not right away that one stupid comment put me into a funk..I'm still in it. Just feeling sad. Hate this disease.
Hope I bounce back being down


Good's 6 am right now and I have been up for 30 mins or so. Cause oh somebody had to pee!!! And this time it wasn't me...
I have 4 ancient teacup chihuahua , 6 yr old beagle 20 mth old german shepherd and a 5 mth old german shepherd...most days I love them ...not so much this morning..I had to be up at 7 not 530. I'm not sure who taught them how to tell time but they got it so wrong..
They are a lot of work but if not for the dogs I would stay in bed all day..


K, I'm new to this blogging thing but I have lots to say....
I have posted here and there on this site.and have gotten positive feed back

So here it goes life

I'm married 21 years been with my husband since I was 17. I will be 41 on Sunday ..oh the joy of another birthday. Maybe my age in numbers will catch up to the age my body feels.
I have 3 great kids. Daughter Deavyn 22 son Mitchell 20 and daughter Krystyna18
I'm very proud of all my kids they have turned into great adults. I'm very lucky.