Too tired to complain about the pain!

i've lived with fibro since before most people ever even heard of it. My primary doc diagnosed me with it but every other doc i saw called it by another name 'soft tissue disorder' neurological disorder', etc... we've heard them all. i was put on opioids and been on them ever since. in addition to fibro, cfs, i also have ms, ra, neuropathy, c.o.p.d., restless leg syndrome, raynaud syndrome, sciatica, and many more....
one of the weirdest symptoms i have that has been associated with the fibro is foot pain. the bottoms of my feet sometimes hurt so bad that i can't stand anything on them...not even the skin...i've tried all sorts of foot soaks, creams, etc... because i have severe skin sensitivities i can't handle massages. i have to be extremely choosy about the material my clothing is made of and the way it fits. on particularly bad days, i can feel every single thread in a shirt and pair of panties.... going naked isn't any better because i still feel the teeniest threads or creases in the furniture... because i also have ms, it's very hard sometimes to figure out which symptom is fibro and which is the ms but most of the time i can tell. my drs tell me that i'm one of the very few people they've ever met who is so in tune with their body that they can tell the dr more about what is going on than any test they do, can.... i think fibro makes us that way. what do you think?

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