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Lazy Weekend

The seasons are turning again and we had a few cold days over the weekend. I decided to take a long weekend this past one and did not even turn on my PC.

Hubby gave me NCIS box set with all the seasons in for my birthday, so my weekend were spent on the couch watching NCIS.

Being able to relax a bit really helps, and I woke up this morning with new hope and excitement for the week to come.

I just hope it lasts.

An odd day?

No scary poetry today, I just can't seem to focus on anything today. I feel irritable and just plain out of it.

I woke up all happy and well rested, got the kids to school, fed the chickens and sat down to start working. Wham bam, gone is my focus. I can not concentrate, nothing keeps my attention, and I just want to go to bed and sleep it off. My legs have started their constant nagging cramping again as well.

How can a day turn from me feeling this is going to be a great day to crappy in a matter of minutes?

Little red monster

It seems that lately I have stepped into some kind of poetry thorn. It seems to be the most easy and natural way to describe how I feel about something. But like most things in my life this might just be a passing craze until I find something else to focus on.

My next poem.

Little Red Monster.

Little red monster,
please go away.
Just leave me alone!

You dig your nails into my body
The pain spreads like worms.
Through my stomach, into my back
Crawling up my spine,
wiggling into my brain.


I recently had quite a bad stint with the blues and on some or other scary level it inspired my to write a poem about it. It is a bit dark but totally shows how I feel about this. Here goes, my first attempt at poetry and that even with some dark subject matter.


I am sinking,
deeper and deeper,
into this black hole of despair.

The darkness surrounds me,
like a blanket of black snow.
It chills me to the bone,
and fills my soul with pointless pain.

The darkness are my friend,