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    Nausea advice

    My PT is not treating my Fibromyalgia but her treatments are definitely helping it. The dryneedling helps when the muscles are in constant spasm which in turn causes pain and weakness to the area. If your muscles are not spasming then it won't help you. I always associated those muscle pains...
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    Fibromyalgia? Possibly caused by hormones?

    I don't know what the coil is? Do you mean contraception? I haven't been on anything like that is over 20-25 years but I was intolerant of the added hormones and stopped taking them once I thought they were contributing to my issues. I would go off the pill and see if that fixes things before...
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    Fibromyalgia or not?

    Good luck with finding some answers working with your doctor. To me it sounds like anxiety is the big issue for you so while you are waiting I would work on things like meditation and exercise in order to clear the anxiety and see if that helps clear up the pain, too.
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    New to forum/Just diagnosed

    Yes I am paying out of pocket and it's more than that but I am desperate at this point! I have to work more to be able to pay for it but if she can get me on the right path so I can manage my symptoms on my own it will be worth it. My visits count toward my deductible but it's a high...
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    New to forum, hello :)

    It sounds like you are on the journey of figuring out what works for you, Annie. I do take a time release melatonin to avoid this issue you talk about but it still sometimes happens, but not usually. I agree the anxiety about it is the worst part and so we have to manage that, too! But I...
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    Do i have Fibromyalgia and what do i do if so?

    I'm sorry you are dealing with that. I would call my fibro pain more achy or dull, like how your body hurts all over when you have a fever. Hopefully someone else has similar experience so they can help you.
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    Struggling to wait for answers

    I have basically all of your symptoms, too, or have dealt with them over time. Sometimes I think we have to choose just one or two things to focus on, because if we try to fix everything at once it's just too much. As for back spasms the PT I am working with insists that they are due to an...
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    New to forum/Just diagnosed

    I have been talking to both but it's really up to you. I think a therapist can help develop coping mechanisms and help putting things into perspective. I have been seeing a nutritionist because I developed orthorexia and binge eating disorder as a result of trying to restrict my food too much...
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    New to forum/Just diagnosed

    For me it's sleep, exercise, meditate, repeat lol. With the rest of my life mixed in.
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    Documentary on fibromyalgia made by me

    Thank you for sharing I hope to watch this!
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    Newly DX - Fibromyalgia and Allodynia

    Welcome! I hope you figure out with your doctor how to best manage your symptoms. Sometimes it feels overwhelming but my approach is to get my sleep in order, improve my exercise, and also deal with other issues as they arise, like right now I am dealing with TMJ and seeing a specialist to get...
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    I had to google this but it sounds helpful!
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    New to forum, hello :)

    I am starting 5HTP right now, too, hoping it will help to boost serotonin levels, from the book The Fibro Fix which I am reading right now. I usually take melatonin at night for sleep. Have you tried that? I prefer to go natural before pharmaceutical!
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    New to forum, hello :)

    Hi Annie, I can relate. I am 47 and have a 6 year old and just "showing up" to care for someone else when struggling to care for myself is challenging. The pandemic has also thrown me for a loop this year. I have managed my condition on and off for many years mostly through patience and...
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    Struggling to wait for answers

    The waiting is the hardest part ...