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    Yesterday I felt really good

    I’m not a too frequent poster here, because I’ve had Fibro so long I get tired of listening to myself talk about it BUT, THAT SAID, in the past (20 or 30 YEARS, actually) I would often cycle between fibro flares, and at that time, I got kind of relaxed about knowing that even if I spent a day...
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    Diagnosed but now another doctor saying I don't have it

    Yeah, I get this, and I hear EACH OF YOU , and after almost 30 years of “maybe, could be, sort of, I THINK, etc., etc., etc., etc”, it ALL seems to boil down to this FOR ME- memorialize and document your symptoms in a daily diary, keep asking questions, TRY conservative recommendations, research...
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    Anyone doing a low carb diet to control FB?

    I’ve lost 100 pounds since April 2013. I was motivated to do so for many reasons, one of which was a diagnosis of fibro in 2005. Having been at least 100 pounds overweight for most of my adult life, I knew that a lot of the commercially pushed “guidance” about weight loss leaned VERY HEAVILY...
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    Which Mattress?

    I loved using an air mattress but in the long run, a 3” foam mattress topper lasted much longer, so for me, was much less expensive. Glad that you found something that works for you!
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    Which Mattress?

    Bearing in mind that I am very VERY OLD, this is the combo that works for me- I need support so that my long bone joints (hips, shoulders, pelvis- the joints that attach to my trunk, my greatest mass of weight) are not stressed by sagging OR stressed by being pulled by gravity into an...
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    no aches or pain for past six weeks

    One of the worst WORST things about this crazy condition is that it DOES STOP and if/when it starts again, you can’t figure out how you stopped it before. I think from my own experience, there is a strong relationship between stress/lack of sleep and winding up in a flare, but that said, I also...
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    Arm and leg pain?

    My experience- The Pain I experience is soft tissue-the tops of my thighs, and the tops of my forearms and my shins. I also have some arthritis, and I think the two kinds of pain are different in character. As can happen with this wretched mess, my symptoms have come through long periods of...