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  • I have pain in my neck that is sharper than a lightning bolt. The same in different parts of my back. Its so hard to drag myself out of bed and the bedroom's even harder. I have insomnia. If I sleep, when I awake I don't feel rested. I have daily constant migraines that are so bad they've lasted longer than a week that I've ended up in the ER. But I discovered 7 years ago that this almost 2 year old dog I had could tell before I had a migraines and she was letting me know before they were happening. She had instincts that went very far. So I did a lot of reading, joined a service dog group, met them in person-they were real and nice. My dog has worked with me ever since. Yes, there is back pain. neck and other places. I fall easily, my ankles swell, etc. However, I don't have bad pain in my head like I used to have. She lets me know it's coming, I take a pill and lots of times the pain is skipped. She helps me keep trying but I think any dog helps you in so many ways.
    Looking for a doctor in OC, Ca. please help. I had just began seeing a GP in August and we got along well. I received a letter from the office saying that within 30 days he'll no longer be my doctor and I don't understand. I'd welcome any comments or assistance. I've been wondering if he just doesn't want to go thru the trouble of having a fibro patient or if I've said the wrong thing? As you may know, sometimes there are off the wall symptoms. I've been crying for 3 days because what he was giving me was very effective but is not easily obtained. I'm confused, and worried and really would like to speak to someone and of course now need an Orange County doctor. I need to take many things and need to find somebody who's really good but also really fast. If you know of several or even one person who understands this I'd be so grateful. Actually, I'm in Tustin but willing to go anywhere/ Thank You
    Hi I'm the newbie but I've had this since I was 5. It came and went but at 36 when my last child was 4 mo old I awoke one morning and couldn't move. I was in bed for 22 years. some days I couldn't even get up to shower but most days couldn't do it til 5pm or later. It was truly that bad. plus I had daily migraines, I taught myself how to use a pc and studied and studied about symptoms of conditions and finally diagnosed myself about 2008. All the money & doctors couldn't figure it out but I know me. I got a dog in 2005 and just before she turned 2 she began warning me before I had migraines. she's just one of those dogs who has an innate ability to "know". . she absoluetly goes everywhere with me. she's been in service for 7 tstudied how the brain works and about fm. a doctor gave me a sample of provigil that helped wake me up but I had to double it to 400mg a day. I take Adderal too
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