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  • Well I am 62 with Fibro. Took almost a year to get me on Disability. It destroyed my successful career as an educator and tough on my relationship. I felt so alone to and am so glad we have this site to support us. I read you post several times and feel all the crap you have to deal with. I have good days and bad ones. Seems temperature controls how I feel. I live in Michigan so now winters are in Florida. With the $$ this has cost me in doctor bills, tests and co- pays it has drained my retirement savings. Had to sell my house to get out of debt. And stripped me of so much. So reading your post I could reflect on many things. The big kicker right now is my ED so it's also destroyed my sex life. But I now know I am not alone on this journey and wish you a lot of luck to make each day the best you can make it.
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