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    What is your hobby?

    I have a great many hobbies: I airbrush(terribly but I have always loved it), wood carving and burning, polymer clay crafting and bead making, I read every Fiction book I can afford or borrow, I bake, grill/smoke, cooking in general has always been my greatest passion. I make Jams/Jellies...
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    New to Group but fibro suffers since 2007

    Welcome! I am new here too. I don't know if I have Fibro. going through lots of testing. I'm an 80% Disabled Vet and retired from the Navy so my medical is taken care of. When I next go in to see my VA counselor I will ask her to help me find some information on Medical assistance in Nebraska...
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    Men don't have Fibromyalgia! OSIT

    Thank you Mike. I keep getting mixed information about Fibro and it seems 50/50 with the Doctors. I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and reply!
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    Just diagnosed, losing it

    Brother I feel your pain and frustration. I can look at you post and think I could have written it. Except going through the VA medical system I yet to have any answers. Hang in there! all I can sugest is be honest and open about how you feel physically and emotionally with your wife and family...
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    Hello from Malvern Arkansas

    Hello, I am here in hopes of finding some answers my doctors have not given or found. To get support and give it as I am able or qualified. Thank you in advance for a warm welcome! Please forgive my terrible memory it is getting significantly worse. Very Respectfully, BigSquishy
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    Men don't have Fibromyalgia! OSIT

    Grab a snack this could take a while. I'm 38 years old. Male. A Medically Retired Navy Helicopter mechanic. I have had two microdiscectomy/laminectomy surgeries along with the removal of disk material from L4-L5 and L5-S1. I suffer from chronic back and leg pain and have since 1995 when I and...