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  • Awwww Thanks to you Jill! Im new too and going to try and stick around but my fibrofog is so bad, I keep forgetting my password! See you around!
    Brismom, Thanks for the "I hear ya" on my post in "Can You Describe Your Pain?". I live in SC. It would be nice to have a friend who really gets fibro. NO ONE other than my best friend gets the pain I'm in. She knows because she has had to help me bathe and brush my hair before! She has taken care of my son when I was having an ungodly flare-up or a terrible migraine. Anyway, welcome to the site. I have only posted a few things here and there, but I am going to try to really get into it. I think it will help to connect with folks who understand what you/I/we go through everyday. I have never "blogged" before, but I think I might try it here. Hope you've had a good day so far. ((gentle hugs)),
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